Renewable / Co-Generation

Renewable / Co-Generation

Whatever independent technical advice you require, our expertise in developing efficient renewable energy solutions allows us to provide the exact services you need, at all stages of the project lifecycle, to help identify, realise and preserve your investments in renewable energy.

We will work closely with you, bringing best practices to your project gained from hands-on involvement in over 200 power projects worldwide in:

Biomass Cogeneration

We have experience of all kinds of biomass, such as forest harvesting residues, the by-products of the pulp and paper industry (black liquor, bark, sawdust, sludge, wood waste) and crops (such as rice husk, bagasse, nut shells, cereal straw, rape seed and reed canary grass) as well as biogas produced from various biodegradable wastes.

Our expertise is all-inclusive, covering:

  • Biomass sourcing and processing
  • Logistics
  • Cogeneration (link to a future text)
  • Heat and power generation
  • Distributed power
  • Environmental assessment and climate impact